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All Nature Project programs are based on LOCAL ecosystems.

All programs are taught using a multi-sensory approach that includes HANDS-ON activities and props, active games, exploration, pictures and story.

The number one program ingredient is FUN.

Suitable for a Variety of Ages

Classes are available for pre-k through fourth grade and can be adapted to the grade level as well as classroom and/or outdoor teaching spaces.

Book a Class Today!

Classes can be booked individually, in groups, or as a full-day school enrichment.

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Fall Changes (September/October)

What is the reason for seasons? How and why do leaves change color? Learn the answers to these questions and more as you explore fall’s arrival using your five senses.

Red Leaf, Orange Leaf (September/October)

Why do plants have leaves? Why do leaves change color? What trees are in my backyard? Discover the answers to these questions and more as you explore the rainbow of colors produced by plants while studying their seasonal cycle and how they prepare for winter.

Night Creatures (October/November)

Bats, owls, spiders and more! Discover the “nocturnal superstars” who are out and about in the night.

Animals Prepare for Winter (November/December)

How do animals survive a long winter? Explore the meaning of migration, hibernation, and adaptation strategies used by local animals.

Tracking & Animal Signs (January/February)

Learn to read another language—the language of tracks and animal signs—and unravel mysteries written in the snow and mud.

Winter Challenge (January/February)

Take the winter challenge course to discover how animals adapt to cold and snow. Walk in the footsteps of a deer, hunt for food as a coyote, try to warm up as a bird, and more!

From Sap to Syrup  (March)

Explore your natural space in search of the Sugar Maple. When the weather's just right, discover how and why these special trees produce sap and how it's turned in to syrup. Hands-on activities include tree-tapping for this seasonal-favorite tradition.

Who Lays Eggs? (April/May)

Birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians and fish…explore the many animals that lay eggs. Discover where they lay them and why!

Garden Ingredients (May/June)

How does your garden grow? Learn about the fabulous five ingredients all plants need to survive.

Dirt Detectives (May/June)

Discover soil ingredients and the importance of compost. Investigate the forest floor for signs of nature’s recyclers hard at work.

Who Lives Here? (All seasons)

Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, Marblehead's unique local residents and habitats.

Who Eats What? (All seasons)

Learn about predator-prey relations, food chains and the different strategies animals use to survive including camouflage and mimicry.

Ecosystem Detectives (All seasons)

Observe the living members of a forest community and discover the essential roles of producers, consumers and decomposers.Create a living ecosystem model.

Designs for Survival (All seasons)

Discover amazing animal adaptations and behavior strategies through close-up observation, role playing and experiential activities.