About The Nature Project

The Nature Project works with schools, community groups, businesses, and families to provide dynamic community-based education and enrichment programs and PR and marketing expertise.

Areas of focus include nature, gardens, outdoor recreation and food and agriculture.

The Nature Project was established by Holly Hannaway in 2016 and is based in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

...About "Miss Holly"

I love to teach, hike, garden, cook, and explore.

A farm and nature education and communication specialist, for the past 25 years I have shared my passion for agriculture and the environment as an educator in the classroom and the field, as a writer for print and social media, and as a community event planner.

I hold a MS in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Education and I have preschool teacher certification.

I live in Marblehead, Massachusetts with my husband, seven-year-old boy, and our dog Ripple.

Holly Hannaway

Our Roots

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Marblehead Roots

My love for nature and exploring all started as a Marblehead Girl Scout—where our many troop outings included collecting leaves at the Marblehead Bird Sanctuary, exploring Marblehead's rocky coastline, and climbing peaks in the White Mountains.

Eat Granola, Hug-a-Tree

It took me about 25 years, including four years at the University of Colorado and a two-year ski-bum stint in Steamboat Springs, CO, to realize I could (and should!) combine my love for the outdoors and teaching.

I earned an MS in Environmental Studies and a concentration in Environmental Education from Antioch University and landed my first internship as “Mother Nature” for the Marblehead Swampscott YMCA Children’s Island day camp program.

I can still hear the camp welcome me at flagpole as I gave my daily nature updates…”Hug a Tree, Hug a Tree! Eat Granola Hug a Tree!”.

Colorado Rocky Mountain High

While I loved teaching in the East, the Rocky Mountains were once again calling my name. I found a home with the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) in Aspen, Colorado.

My 8-year tenure with ACES included working as a winter naturalist, year-round educator, PR & Marketing Coordinator and finally landing my dream job as the Education Director.

While at ACES, I led a team of educators in more than 30,000 annual school contacts from 30 schools in the field, farm, and classroom.

Country Roads, Take Me Home

Family drew me home to Boston's North Shore, and I spent eight years with an organization also close to my heart and passions—The Trustees of Reservations.

During my Trustees time, I was the first full-time year-round educator at Appleton Farms in Ipswich where I designed and led farm-based education programs and events and ran a 4-H Dairy club.

I also served as the Engagement Manager for Appleton Farms and The Crane Estate and, after I had my son, supported PR and Marketing efforts for the organization with a focus on agriculture and outdoor recreation.

Once a Girls Scout, Always a Girl Scout

Turns out, my hands weren’t getting dirty enough behind that keyboard. So it was out of the office and back in to the field-this time working on my own. And so The Nature Project is hatched.

Here I am, 25 years later,  teaching in my old girl scout cabin, collecting leaves with my son, and when I can squeeze it in, hiking in the White Mountains.